About: Kasiita Peter Claver is a multifaceted professional based in Kampala, Uganda, with a diverse skill set encompassing research, digital strategy, web development and healthcare. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Nursing Science at Victoria University Kampala and holds various professional certifications, including Clinical Research Operations and Introduction to Clinical Research from The Global Health Network and Digital Marketing from Google’s Digital Garage. Kasiita's career is marked by a blend of technical expertise and creative vision. As a seasoned researcher, he excels in qualitative and quantitative data analysis, with proficiency in QGIS and SPSS. His experience includes managing projects, developing policy briefs and collaborating with stakeholders to secure research grants. His work is deeply informed by international environmental frameworks like the SDGs and the Paris Agreement, underscoring his commitment to impactful research. In addition to his research prowess, Kasiita is a dynamic website developer and digital strategist. He has designed and developed websites for various educational institutions, including St. Francis Hospital Nsambya Training School and Standard College Nsangi. His skills extend to internet marketing, where he leverages SEO, PPC advertising and social media marketing to enhance brand visibility and engagement. Kasiita's entrepreneurial spirit shines through his leadership roles as the Founder, Creative Director and CEO of Prestigia Brands Ltd and the Wondelite Foundation. These ventures highlight his capabilities in software engineering, graphic design and mental health advocacy. He is also an insightful communicator, having spoken at events such as DataFest Africa22, addressing the intersection of mental health and the digital revolution. With a solid foundation in both the sciences and the arts, Kasiita Peter Claver is dedicated to advancing research and digital innovation, aiming to create meaningful impacts in healthcare, environmental sustainability and digital engagement.

Location: Kampala, Uganda.
Website: https://wondelite.org
Job: Research Nurse


  • Researcher at St. Francis Hospital Nsambya

    1 Nov 2023 -

  • Creative Director, Researcher & Founder at Wondelite Foundation

    10 Oct 2023 -


  • Bachelor of Nursing Science at Victoria University
  • 23 Mar 2023 -

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