Acute brain infections, such as meningitis and encephalitis, are a major cause of death and disability globally. There is relatively little global research expertise in tackling them. 

Liverpool has an outstanding international reputation in brain infections research. The Global Health Research Group (GHRG) on Brain Infections ("Brain Infections Global") was set up in 2018 with £2million from the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR).  In addition to the team in UK, the study brought together leading research institutions in Malawi, India, and Brazil.


The overall aim of the study was to improve the diagnosis and early hospital management of patients with suspected acute brain infections in low- and middle-income country settings, to guide treatment and improve outcomes

It aimed to identify challenges in making a diagnosis and achieving optimal care, so as to inform a multi-component intervention to address these challenges in a variety of hospitals in Brazil, India and Malawi.

We also developed research capacity, and developed a broad network of hospitals interested in studying brain infections. This GHRG thus established the platform to generate follow on funding for further research projects, supporting long-term sustainability.

Our research programme comprised a series of projects in interlinked themes.

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